Police in Evesham Township, Burlington County, are asking for the public's help following a hit and run accident near the Cherry Hill Mall.  6abc.com reports that an 81-year old man struck a person Tuesday night.  The man was pulled over by Evesham Police  about 8:15 p.m. after he was spotted driving erratically near East Main and Knox Boulevard.  His 1997 silver Ford Taurus showed windshield and front end damage consistent with a human body.  The man told authorites he thought he'd struck an animal, but continued to drive.  A forensic investigation determined there was blondish brown human hair trapped in the cracks of the vehicle's winshield.  However, no victim has emerged.  Authorites have been combing a two mile radius around the Cherry Hill Mall where the hit and run is thought to have occurred, fearing someone may be laying badly injured on the side of a nearby roadway. If you have any information regarding the incident, you're being urged to call Evesham Township Police at (856) 983-1111.