One Californian woman had a terrible experience at the hair salon, and it had nothing to do with her haircut.

See, when first reading about salons possibly giving strokes, I thought it could have possibly been due to over-relaxation. Whenever someone washes my hair, the head massage is enough for me to drift to sleep.

But, Buzzfeed reports the story of Elizabeth Smith from California who had a very different experience. In January 2014, had a stroke days after getting her hair done at the salon.

According to a CT scan, the stroke was caused by a damaged artery in her neck as a result of the shampoo chair. Which now come to think of it, aren't always the most comfortable seats in the world.

The real medical term for this is: Beauty Parlor Stroke.

So, what happens is that arteries in your neck can tear due to hyperextension and the 'whiplash' effect.

Elizabeth Smith claims she felt weakness in her legs and arms before the stroke occurred. But keep in mind, there is no exact cause for these strokes according to Buzzfeed.

Although it is a very rare condition, next time you go to hair salon you might want to see if there's a cushion for your neck. Personally, whenever I get my hair done, I always let them know if I feel any discomfort.

Also of course, if you feel a stroke coming on go straight to your nearest hospital.

Source: Buzzfeed