This Saturday is Stockton University's annual 'OspreyTHON' dance marathon, benefiting Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. You can support the students and kids in need by donating to the cause.

Stockton Ospreys will be on their feet dancing  for 12 straight hours starting at noon this Saturday, April 14th! SoJO is joining the student body that is on a mission to boosting the emergency fund at Children's Hospital. JV Joe and I will be busting a move right alongside them in their quest to raise $10,000.

Throughout OspreyTHON, local families will speak about their involvement with CHOP and the ways their lives have changed because of this amazing organization. The Stockton motto is inspiring: 'stand for those who can't'.

The word Give

Here's how you can help. Please make a donation using the purple DONATE NOW button below. It's that simple. Give a little, or give a lot. Every dollar helps!

Thank you in advance for your generosity, and for helping Stockton Ospreys reach their goal!

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