Katie in Tuckerton has a dilemma with her new boyfriend...and it has to do with her dog.

Listener Katie tells us that she has been dating a guy for about a week and she is really into him. But, her dog Chester acts really strange around the new boyfriend.


Every time Chester sees the new boyfriend, he barks and starts growling. Katie says that he has never done that with anyone else before.

Chester snarls, growls and barks the whole time when her boyfriend visits her place. Katie has to shut Chester in another room, but they can still hear the barking the entire time the boyfriend is there. As soon as the boyfriend leaves - Chester calms down.

It is a problem because it makes the new boyfriend uncomfortable and at the same time, Katie is uncomfortable and she is wondering why Chester is acting that way.

Is there something wrong with the new boyfriend that Katie's dog is "picking up" on?  Should she end it with the new guy because of Chester's behavior?



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