The finale of Hamilton Mall's Got Talent! was full of top notch performances, special guests, and the 2018 winner reveal.

From classic rock, to beat boxing, to many original compositions and powerhouse vocals, the level of talent on display at Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing was beyond entertaining. As a judge, SoJO midday host Heather DeLuca has the unenviable task of scoring performers and determining the 2018 champion, along with a panel of three other music professionals. And, boy, was it CLOSE. Probably the closest finale in the history of the competition.

Ultimately, beat boxer Michael Bay could not be beat. He wowed both the judges and audience with his skills. He was like a one-man party, and he had to be breathless at the end of his nearly four-minute performance. Bay was named winner, followed by vocalist Rich Iacuzio, and songwriter Rylee Oswald, who sang an original song called 'Music Box'.

We have a tremendous amount of praise and respect for all 15 finalists, no matter their choice of entertainment. From gymnastics to gospel to guitars, it really was an epic way to end the competition.

And, it was SO good to see the return of 2017 Lizz Sooy and runner-up Carly Underwood, who both performed and caught up the audience on where they're talents have taken them since competing last year.

Check out a gallery of photos from the Grand Finale in the gallery below!

It was truly an honor to watch all of the performers over the last five weeks. No one can ever deny that South Jersey has got major talent! We can't wait to see where all the contestants talents take them next!

Big shout out to our friends at Hamilton Mall for including SoJO in Hamilton Mall's Got Talent!

Additional thanks to our friends Alex Glover and Sean McCaffery at Center Stage Entertainment!

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