Halloween is coming sooner than you think - and soon enough, you'll be out last minute shopping - or should I say, scraping the remnants of candy at the bottom of the box that no child wants to eat. So what are treats that are safe and healthy for kids with allergies?

According to Health Central, these are proven to be safe treats eat for children who suffer from intolerance or allergies.

  • LaetaFood via Amazon
    LaetaFood via Amazon

    Dum Dums

    These lollipops are great, not just for Halloween handouts, but are perfect in goodie bags, or while you're sitting in the office year round.

    These make an excellent choice since the lollipops do not include any eggs, milk, or dairy products, according to Health Central.

  • DollarItemDirect via Amazon
    DollarItemDirect via Amazon

    Ring Pops

    Rings pops are an awesome accessory to jazz up your daily wardrobe.

    Health Central says these little bezels of wonder are free from all major allergens.

  • Zachary via Amazon
    Zachary via Amazon

    Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

    Instead of counting how many are in the jar, why not just eat them?! As long as they haven't expired, of course...

    These beans of joy are not just allergen free, but gluten-free as well, says Health Central.

  • Riverfinn via Amazon
    Riverfinn via Amazon


    Flavors of all kinds to share - it's no wonder why they say "Taste the rainbow!".

    Like the others in this list, Health Central says these little tasty pebbles are free from all the major allergens.

  • Smarties via Amazon
    Smarties via Amazon


    A common treat handed out in school - these make awesome portable treats to take on the go. They may even make you smarter...

    Both gluten and allergen (major allergen) free. It's no wonder why these are a popular choice!

  • Riverfinn via Amazon
    Riverfinn via Amazon


    These rectangular treats are great to hand out for those busy, crowded neighborhoods. Done and done.

    These chewy delights are free from the major allergens!

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