Spring is here, and Mother Nature is letting us know she means business.

You can definitely file this one under the 'Crazy Weather Doing Crazy Things' file, as one person in South Jersey caught on video what we are calling a 'pollen storm.'

This freaky occurrence happened off Cedar Lane in Millville.

On Monday, Millville resident Jennifer Henderson says her husband Eric was at work in Cumberland County when he accidentally created a 'pollen storm.' Eric had decided to tap a tree with his digger loader, and once that happened, a storm was brewing.

From early May to late June is when pollen season is the worst, causing many different symptoms for thousands of people every year.

That yellow powder that cakes on to your car and is an eyesore to everyone, that is the enemy. Pollen. And there are many different types of pollen too including grass, trees, and weeds. I feel like I'm an expert on this subject.

To avoid pollen getting inside your house you should keep windows closed when it is breezy, dust ALL the time, and make sure your air filters are working at their fullest potential. If you could avoid going outside for long periods of time that would help too, but that might be a little unrealistic.

Best of luck this season!

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