He must be EXHAUSTED.

Ya know the part of the movie Forrest Gump where Forrest decides to start running one day and just doesn't stop? South Jersey's got a guy sort of like that, who opened the front door of his Haddon Twp. home one day and started walking...for seven years.

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Tom Turcich is my hero. At the very least, an inspiration. What else can you say about a guy that, on the eve of turning 26 back in April of 2015, just decided to start walking, leaving his parents and sister behind, to wherever he wanted! Who DOES that?

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It may sound like a lonely venture, but Tom has some company along the way. According to NJ.com, while traveling through Texas, Tom adopted a 4-month-old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Savannah, and she was with him ever since! Turcich chronicled his experience on an Instagram page called The World Walk.




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Turcich's journey reportedly took him to more than 30 different countries over seven years, including Kyrgyzstan, Peru, El Salvador, and even Antarctica! He went an astounding 22,500 miles, wearing out tread on over 40 pairs of sneakers before arriving in Seattle (by plane this time) in August to begin his trek back to his home state of New Jersey. He plans to walk about 20 miles of United States per day until he reaches the Garden State.

Some of the photos he captured and posted to Instagram along the way are awe-inspiring. So few will ever get to see the world the way Tom did. The way he CHOSE to.

But Tom tells NJ.com the journey wasn't always smooth, and there can be danger in travelling the way he did. “Being abroad, you’re always a little on edge. You don’t want to step on any toes,” Turcich said.

So, what will Turcich do once he's back in the good ol' Garden State? He plans to spend some time relaxing in Brigantine. Who can blame him? PUT YOUR TOES IN THE SAND, Tom, and stay put for a while, you incredible human, you!

Could you ever have the mental will power and physical stamina to do a walk like Tom Turcich did? If so, where would you go? Let us know.

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