Coffee lovers in the Haddon Heights area of Camden County can now run on a Next Gen Dunkin' store.

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The futuristic-looking Dunkin' restaurant, at 709 N. Black Horse Pike, was opened to the public on April 23rd.

Have you seen these sleeker Dunkin' locations popping up around South Jersey? They're boxy and minimalist and all business on the inside. There's one next to Chickie's in EHT, and another around the Atco area on the White Horse Pike built kind of up on a hill. But you'll never miss one. Those orange bubble Dunkin' letters are still prominent and bright.

In a press release shared with SoJO 104.9, Dunkin' explains the concept behind the 21st century design of these Next Gen locations. The openness, colors and materials help create an approachable, positive, energetic environment.

The Next Gen restaurants, like the newly-opened one in Haddon Heights, features Dunkin’s signature cold beverages served from 'an innovative tap system serving eight consistently cold beverages', including the trendy cold brew and nitro-infused cold brew coffee.

Hand-crafted, made to order drinks are prepared by Dunkin' staff using 'flavor-maximizing espresso machines'.

And, it's important to note that the Next Gen DD's 'are designed to meet DD Green Achievement™ specifications. Stores that achieve DD Green Achievement status are built with sustainable and efficient elements like LED lighting, high-efficiency mechanical equipment, low-flow faucets, and more. DD Green Achievement restaurants are performing better than designed. On average, they are 33% more energy efficient compared to conventional Dunkin' restaurants.'

The new 800-square-foot Next Gen Dunkin' at 709 N. Black Horse Pike in Haddon Heights, which also features a warm color palette and atmospheric lighting is open daily from 5a-9p.

SOURCES: Abby Zweigle For Dunkin’ Brands/Press Release

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