YouTube blew up after a performance Green Day had over the weekend, where Billie Joe Armstrong stopped a classic song from the band, then went on a "F-Bomb" tirade, called out Justin Bieber, and now is bound for what is believed to be a much needed stint in rehab.

The "meltdown" of Armstrong took place in Las Vegas during a huge concert event that featured the likes of Taylor Swift, Aerosmith, Usher, Bon Jovi, Pitbull, Pink and No Doubt to name a few.  Green Day was slated to play for 45 minutes, but their set was cut to 25 minutes, which had Armstrong in a snit.

Toward the end of Green Day's performance, the band was ripping into a performance of "Basket Case" when Armstrong saw a lighted sign saying the band had 1 minute left to perform, then came the 21 F-Bombs that included him saying he's not Justin Bieber and that he's been around since 1988, then the set concluded with a gutiar destroyed with a middle finger salute as the band walked off stage.

The band issued an apology for the moment, and word came out after the show that Armstrong's bandmates, management and crew were involved in an intervention to get Billie Joe to rehab for abuse of various substances (mainly prescription drugs and alcohol).  A "Green Day insider" recently said that it has been long overdue for him to get help.

Signs may have been there recently before Las Vegas.  On Sept. 2nd in Italy, Armstrong was rushed to a hospital supposedly for gastric problems.  Word originally was that Billie Joe had lost his voice.

The meltdown has seen over 3 Million viewers on YouTube in about 48 hours.  Should you choose to see this video, Parental Guidance is suggested -WARNING for Language used!


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