A tense situation in Deptford Saturday afternoon that evolved from a standoff into a manhunt ended with a man in custody who is now charged with attempted murder.

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courtesy Theresa Cardona
courtesy Theresa Cardona

My friend texted me photos of police barricades set up outside her residence, and I was really scared for her and the teams of first responders at the scene, which included Deptford Police, Gloucester County SWAT, Gloucester Twp. Police tactical assets, NJ State Police, federal ATF, the U.S. Marshal's Service Regional Fugitive Task Force, and Camden County Prosecutor's Office, according to Patch.com.

Eventually, the barricades were removed, but there were little answers as to whether the person who allegedly had a gun and fired it was in custody.

But, finally on Monday we got some answers. Apparently, the man stayed hidden in the Pasadena Ave. area until about 9:45 p.m. when, after some resistance, police were able to secure the weapons the man was in possession of and place him under arrest.

41-year-old Michael F. Dorazo, of Glendora, was charged with attempted murder and other offenses. He had reportedly been armed with wo handguns and a high-power, high-capacity assault weapon when he broke into a home on Pasadena Ave. While an investigation continues, there is no word yet on whether that home was random or targeted for invasion, or exactly what happened or who, if anyone, was injured in the incident.

Dorazo, who is sitting in a jail cell at Salem County Correctional Facility until his first court appearance, now faces charges of attempted murder, burglary during commission of an attempted murder and domestic violence incident, certain persons not to possess firearms, possession of firearms for an unlawful purpose, and resisting arrest, according to a press release from Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office.

That statement goes on to applaud law enforcement for their efforts in containing a situation that could've ended much worse. “Acting Prosecutor Christine Hoffman extends her heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the members of the Deptford Township Police Department under the leadership of Chief Frank Newkirk. DPD played pivotal roles in the initial response, search and high-risk apprehension of a heavily armed and volatile Dorazo under extremely dangerous circumstances. She is also deeply thankful to members of the GCPO, Chief David Harkins and members of the Gloucester Township Police Department, personnel from the New Jersey State Police, US Marshal’s Service personnel deployed by New Jersey United States Marshal Juan Mattos, federal ATF personnel, the Real-Time Crime Center South, and partners from Gloucester County OEM/Public Safety/Communications led by Coordinator Dennis McNulty. This incident exemplified professionalism, partnership and seamless cooperation by law enforcement and public safety personnel committed to protecting the residents of Gloucester County and our local communities.”

Deptford Police Chief Frank Newkirk said, “I could not be prouder of personnel under my command. Their exemplary performance on May 29th underscores the direct benefits of their extensive training, experience and unwavering self-sacrifice when serving the residents of Deptford, both day to day and during critical incidents which can arise with little or no warning.”

The Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office encourages any witnesses who could provide insight about Michael F. Dorazo and what may have lead Saturday's events to call Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office at 856-498-6238 or Deptford Township Police Department at 856-689--6946. Information can also be e-mailed to the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office at tips@co.gloucester.nj.us.

SOURCES: Trish Hartman/Twitter; Press Release from Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office; Patch.com via Gloucester Twp. Patch

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