Gloucester Township Chief of Police David Harkins says he is disheartened and disgusted' by the death of Minnesota man George Floyd which has resulted in protests and looting across the country.

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George Floyd was killed during an interaction with police. He died telling the arresting officers he couldn't breathe. All four police Minneapolis officers involved have been fired. Officer Derek Chauvin, who knelt on Floyd's neck while he was handcuffed until he reportedly had no pulse, has been charged with third degree murder.

In a statement over the weekend, Chief Harkins said, "The tragic death of Mr. George Floyd during the course of seemingly 'routine' arrest, leaves me feeling disheartened and disgusted. I feel disheartened because we in law enforcement work every day to earn the sacred trust of those we serve. I am disheartened because of what the arresting officer did and because the other officers did not intervene on behalf of Mr. Floyd. If they had, I would not be typing this message. I feel disgusted because someone in my profession represented us very poorly. The officers involved failed to do the right thing."

Harkins continued, reassuring the public that the Minneapolis officers "actions can undue all of the good work done every day by police officers throughout the country. But we will not let that happen. We work every day to build the bonds and earn that sacred trust that we have with our Gloucester Township community."

After video of Floyd's arrest and death became public, Harkins says every member of the Gloucester Township Police force was directed to watch the video and reflect on the mistakes that were made, reports

As someone who grew up in Gloucester Twp., living among and looking up to those brave men and women of the GTPD for protection, I'm so glad to see Chief Harkins speak out on the injustice surrounding George Floyd's death, and that he didn't hide or hesitate to share his true feelings with residents. I applaud Harkins for his direct, yet empathetic, statement and continued commitment to the community.

You can read his full statement below.

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