A 22-year-old from Gloucester City has just been hired as its police department's first Black officer. While the history-making member of the force is thrilled to have landed his dream job, the community says it's taken too long.

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Nay'Shon Obey was hired by Gloucester City Police Department earlier this year. The addition of a Black police officer is a monumental occasion for a city that's existed for nearly 400 years (Gloucester City was established in 1623).

While Obey feels proud to open the door to a hopefully more diverse police force in Gloucester City, many comments on the NJ.com Instagram page, which you can read below, criticized the department, in some instances very sarcastically, for not hiring more minorities sooner.

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Officer Obey, also a member of the New Jersey National Guard, hopes his place in Gloucester City's Police Department can restore some trust in the community in the wake of so many national stories of police brutality, like the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis. He tells NJ.com, “I feel like I’ve opened the door and a lot of minority people can now get into departments like this. I feel like having people of color in the department and the town can help make all the bad rumors go away.”

As of the 2000 U.S. Census, Gloucester City's population was 97percent white, according to NJ.com.

Gloucester City Chief Brian Morrell says, “He [Obey] said all along he wanted to work here, that this was his dream job. We’re happy to have him here. He fits right into everything we’re trying to accomplish. I was just blown away by the kid. He’s awesome in every aspect.”, reports NJ.com.

Congratulations, Officer Obey. Thank you for your service to the Gloucester County community.

SOURCES: NJ.com; njdotcom/Instagram

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