We all have a bar that we love. From the drinks to the music to the memories, something about that bar makes it special. There’s a beloved bar in West Wildwood that is so narrow at one end that you can literally show your love by wrapping your arms around it.

If you know of West Wildwood and have taken the time to hunt it down, as there is only one road branching off of Wildwood proper that gives residents access to the secluded community, you might know of its little secret. Westside Saloon is nestled on W. Glenwood Avenue, but be careful you don’t drive right past it.

Westside Saloon is said to be the narrowest bar in New Jersey and self proclaims itself as a 'dive bar'. It’s a wonder that it is still standing after all of the storms that have slammed its small foundation!

During summer nights this tiny bar can be packed – which might seem weird to say considering its size. Locals and curious travelers alike fill up the arm’s length width inside bar, its slightly larger addition and hang around the outside area of the Saloon enjoying Westside's notorious orange crush drinks and crab cake grilled cheese.

If you’re looking for a friendly place and fun atmosphere…and want to see if you can touch your fingers to each side of the bar…check out this tiny establishment. While you might have to wait until next summer, it is definitely a neat place to see.


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This blog was written by Nicole Alexander, a freelance writer for Townsquare Media South Jersey. 

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