The women at our office are using this latest fitness app that tracks your food, sleep and exercise, and cannot stop raving about it.

So, I had to join the wave!

Normally I use MyFitnessPal and always swear by it, but now I've been using 'Lose It!'

'Lose It' has a nice clean interface and connects to your other wireless devices. So, for those of you using 'fitbits', you're able to connect them to your app!

Fad diets, and magic weight loss pills do help you lose weight fast and easy, but the results never last. Studies show the best way to keep weight off is by tracking your habits daily which eventually turns into a healthier lifestyle.

My favorite feature is being able to track your macros which can be a real headache.

If you have tried multiple fitness tracking apps, and haven't found one you liked, give 'Lose It' a try!

It's of course free for Apple and Android phones, as always.

Source: Lose It