Many Game of Thrones fans participated in a death pool, taking bets on who would live or die during the final season.

TSM via Canva
TSM via Canva

I, myself, participated in a pool. Without double checking it I know I was quite off. I expected more people to die. We asked you who you thought would die in the final episode, you did alright.

The top 3 responses were: everyone, Arya, and Daenerys. 1 out of three isn't bad.

The series finale only showed two deaths, a Lannister soldier and Daenerys. The "everyone" response was very, very off.

Daenerys was at the top of everyone's list after episode 5. Dany turned into the Mad Queen and most fans expected her demise. Westeros would not stand for a Mad Queen, or well bend the knee. Daenerys was killed by the one she loved, Jon Snow, with a knife threw the heart.

Arya survived a lot throughout the show. Her skills kept her alive for the final episode. The feisty Stark found herself sailing west to see what lies beyond Westeros. She's just a regular old Christopher Columbus.

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