"And now our watch has ended."

Tonight was the big night, Game of Thrones has ended after 8 seasons. The end was bittersweet and fans seem to be polarized over this past season. The series finale seems to have everyone confused as to whether they like it or not. After being told by my brother that we would not like the ending (he watched a video talking about the leaked episode), I was a bit wary. However, once it ended I looked to him with confusion. The show ended exactly the way it should have.

I won't lie and say I saw it all coming because I did not. However, it all makes sense.

The finale episode of GoT brought everything full circle, each character ended up exactly where they should have been. Apparently, George R.R. Martin is not as cynical as we all thought. According to GRRM he gave the show runners bullet points for the story and the ending. It was a happier ending than I was expecting.

Let's start with Daenerys's death. Dany's true colors came out in the last episode and only death would stop her rage. We saw the shot of Daenerys in the throne room that was shown to her in the House of the Undying. However, she never had a chance to sit on the throne. After a talk with Tyrion, Jon stabbed her threw the heart and she was carried back east by Drogon.

To be honest, I didn't think Jon had it in him. Dany was using war as her vessel to get to the throne and since GRRM wrote these books to be against war, she could not get the throne.

Now let's get into who becomes king. Some are annoyed by the new king, but it all makes sense.

Throughout my time watching Game of Thrones I kept saying that Bran is way more important than anyone else. Most of season one planted the seed about just how important Bran is. While we all thought his importance was in the matters of being the Three-Eyed Raven, it turns out he was destine to be the ruler of the 6 kingdoms.

It is mildly egotistical of GRRM to make Bran the king if you think about it. Tyrion points out that he is the man with all of the stories so he should be king.

Sansa is the queen of the North. She has been a part of the "game of thrones" in more ways than anyone else on the show. Jon's true desire since day one was to be in the Night's Watch and to venture north of the wall. Arya wanted to be more than just a lady of Westeros, so traveling to the unknown is exactly what she should be doing.

Each character had their story closed and it felt like a true end.


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