If you're fascinated by the animal kingdom and all its moving parts (or if you're just a fan of creepy videos), you've got to check out this clip of a crab going through the process of shedding its shell.

I'm going to be honest. I forgot that crabs do this. I really just like to think crabs call that shell their home for life, just as us humans remain in our skin until we die.

But crustaceans like crabs outgrow their shells over time and must break free from its exoskeleton.

I'd have just thought perhaps this crab (seen in the video below) was caught off the Jersey Shore and was about to suffer a fate of becoming someone's dinner, maybe even ending up on the table of the Galloway, NJ resident who captured this footage.

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Reportedly, this process, referred to as 'molting', is lengthy (approximately 15 minutes) and rarely seen by human eyes, especially out of water and this close up.

Molting is quite arduous, as evidenced by the video posted to Facebook by Daily Mail News. Even the crab's eyes pop out along the way.

Upon completion, the crab leaves behind its shell, esophagus, stomach lining, and even a few inches of intestine, according to Daily Mail News. OUCH!

Afterward, it's on to the next exoskeleton. Fascinating!

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