If there is one thing I love most about being from Jersey is that we take care of our own.  Billy Anderson has been taking care of Freehold his entire adult life. For decades he's served as a community volunteer firefighter. In addition to that, Billy is also a member of the Sons of the American Legion and has volunteered for local organizations such as The Olde Freehold Day and Freehold Spooktacular Committees and has raised money for veteran and child welfare funds. Billy is a beloved member of the community, always giving back. Now his friends and family are asking the same for him.

Go Fund Me
Billy Anderson Go Fund Me

Billy is 57 years old and has fought cancer 7 times since 2009 and won. There have been countless surgeries, rounds of treatment including chemotherapy, and 40 rounds of radiation.  As one would expect its left him with severe side effects. One of which is a deterioration of the jaw.  He recently underwent a 10-hour surgery to replace his jaw with the fibula from his leg, a procedure that resulted in Billy requiring a tracheotomy and a feeding tube. There will be a 5 month recovery period after his two week stay in the ICU.

In addition to those challenges, Billy's wife is also disabled and suffers from autoimmune diseases which have made her wheelchair bound. The care needed is outrageously expensive and at this point, the 401(k) is completely wiped out and the little savings they do have are depleting by the day.  Their son has taken it upon himself to begin delivering meals through DoorDash to support his family. There as already been tremendous support from the Freehold Borough community as his father battled cancer for years, from neighbors offering to mow his lawn to spaghetti dinners hosted by the American Legion.

However, as the coronavirus pandemic took over in New Jersey ways to help the Anderson family have diminished significantly. That is why the Freehold Fire Department, set up a GoFundMe page.  After battling cancer for the last 12 years you can imagine he needs us to rally around him and his family.  Billy's Go Fund Me Page is great way to help if you are able.

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