When I ask people about the Wildwoods, usually the first thing they say is 'free beaches'.

You may have to come up with something else.....

City officials are expected to put the beach tag debate on a ballot, in which the election will likely take place on March 5 (press of Atlantic City).  This will be the third time the commission will be approached with this subject in the last 35 years.


It's been denied twice, but will it pass this time?


I've personally always been against any and all beach tags, as I've enjoyed having access to the Atlantic City beach for free, but desperate calls could call for desperate measures.



Considering the damage Hurricane Sandy did, the city needs revenue.



Plus, according to The Press of Atlantic City, 'The city had included $1.6 million in revenue in its 2012 budget that was to come from a lease agreement for sections of the city's beach and the former monster truck building, but that agreement ended following a court challenge by opponents.  That leaves the city with $1.6 million that must be replaced.'


With more funds needed, it could come down to an increase in taxes for residents, or have beach fees.  Is there a better solution?



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