"Watch the Tram Cars please! Watch the Tram Cars please!"

For seventy-five years old, you look great!

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Congratulations to the Iconic Tram Cars of the Wildwoods - celebrating 75 years of moving people up and down the boardwalk!

Chris Lo Bue Photography
Chris Lo Bue Photography

Almost anyone who has memories of going to the Wildwoods in the summer probably remembers the famous tram cars going up and down the boardwalk.

The Wildwoods Boardwalk Sightseer Tram Cars are as famous for their rides as for that famous warning, "Watch the Tram Cars Please." Each year the yellow tram cars  transport hundreds of thousands of people "on a journey of discovery, gliding along the boardwalk’s array of sights, sounds, and delicious smells."

Courtesy of WildwoodsNJ.com
Courtesy of WildwoodsNJ.com

According to the Greater Wildwoods Tourism and Development Authority, the original tram cars were built for the World's Fair in Flushing, New York in 1939. They were first introduced to the Wildwoods in 1949 by local businessman Gilbert Ramagosa. The first fare for a tram car ride was 10 cents for a one-way trip.

Today's tram cars venture up and down the two and a half mile boardwalk behind the power of a 2,000 pound electric battery. The battery, when charged, is good for 12 hours.

The iconic tram cars are now operated by the private, non-profit Wildwoods Boardwalk Special Improvement District  Management Corporation. The one way fare is now five dollars, although discounted ticket books and arm bands are also available.

Congratulations, Wildwoods! Kudos to the business people of the Wildwoods, who also made sure that the yellow tram cars were running.

What's your favorite Tram Cars memory? Please share it with us in the comments section.

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