The social media app Vine is gaining popularity and allowing anyone with a smartphone to become famous. As users compete to top each other with their bits and stunts, it's caused a South Jersey guy to take "Vining" to a new, and maybe dangerous level.

The Vine app gives users seven seconds to get noticed. The app then loops the video over and over. It's a unique way to see how creative people can be. Like Facebook, users can "follow" their favorite people so they never miss a new post.


I'm addicted to watching Vine videos, especially in the comedy section. Recently, I came across "Lance210."

Lance is a guy from Franklinville, in South Jersey, who specializes in pulling pranks on everybody from his friends to his grandmother. He's one of the more popular "Viners" with over 1.5 million followers on the app.

Lately he's taken to the streets to film his seven second stunts, but has he gone too far? Watch his first traffic prank.


This video quickly went viral and picked up over 400,000 likes on Vine. Could it be staged? Sure. But how about this next one?

That video from four days ago has already picked up over 200,000 likes and shares.

While "Lance" is now "Vine famous," is this going to push himself and others to top these videos with even crazier stunts?


  • Do you approve of these videos?
  • What would you do if you were in the car and approached these scenarios?

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