If you missed the premiere of Dancing With the Stars last night, then you missed some old-school sitcom drama!!!


Back in the 90s, the only reason I watched Full House and The Wonder Years was to see Candice Cameron (D.J. Tanner) and Danica Mckeller (Winnie Cooper).  After all, they were my childhood crushes!


They competed for ratings on their respective shows, and today they're competing on the dance floor, and things are already heating up!



Apparently, Candace used to date Jeremy Miller from "Growing Pains"  until he DUMPED HER FOR DANICA. (Jeremy was the little blonde kid, the youngest brother of the fiction family) Candace informed Danica of this fact during rehearsals, and of course they had video (which was obviously planned on the show)


Fast forward to the 3:08 mark to witness the drama unfold....




Clearly Danica is trying to act here.  Regardless, somewhere in the 'forgotten actor world' Jeremy Miller is smiling.

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