How about a 24 hour 'Super WaWa' in Cherry Hill?  If you don't live in Cherry Hill, the automatic answer is "Why not?"  However, some Cherry Hill residents  have mixed feelings about this due to the traffic, bright lights, and the affect it would have on their every day lives.  If a 'Super WaWa' was built in YOUR neighborhood, would you be OK with it?  Or, would you order another hoagie to go.

I love WaWa.  If I wasn't on my protein diet (thanks Hesh), I would be eating up their philly cheese steak hoagie till they ran out.  Then again, if I lived next to a super wawa, would the glorious sandwich be worth the bright lights that would shine through my bedroom window?

For Cherry Hill, this could be a reality, as they are waiting for a decision to be made.  For everybody else in South Jersey, it's just a thought.  Would YOU want a Super WaWa built in your neighborhood?

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