Fabiana Pierre-Louis makes history as she becomes the first black woman to ever sit on the bench of the New Jersey state supreme court.

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Remember her name.

The Senate voted unanimously Thursday to appoint Pierre-Louis. She reportedly began being reviewed to replace New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Walter Timpone back in February. Timpone reached the mandatory retirement age of 70 last year.

But being the first black woman added to our state supreme court isn't her only accomplishment of note here. At 39-years-old, Pierre-Louis also becomes the youngest member of that court in it's history.

Pierre-Louis is the daughter of Haitian immigrants, a graduate of Rutgers Law School, and a partner at the Cherry Hill law firm of Montgomery McCracken. She reportedly moved to New Jersey from Brooklyn, New York when she was in elementary school.

Of her achievement, Pierre-Louis tells 6abc.com she's aware of the role model this makes her, saying, "I know how important it is for young people to see people who look like them, or come from similar neighborhoods as them, or similar backgrounds, to see those people in positions of leadership".

I'm not a child, but I am certainly in awe of Pierre-Louis and the legacy she's establishing for generations to come.

Remember her name. She is now New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Fabiaba Pierre-Louis.

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SOURCES: 6abc.com

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