Stop what you're doing. Cancel all your Valentine's Day plans if they don't include a screening of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. It's the most romantically-charged movie I've seen since Pretty Woman.

Don't call me biased.  I didn't read the popular novels by E.L. James.  So heading into tonight's screening of Fifty Shades of Grey on the big screen, I was a rookie. But I've never seen casting SO spot on. If Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele) and Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) had only first met on the set of the movie, you'd never know it.  They're chemistry was PALPABLE.

I read the first 10 pages of the original Fifty Shades of Grey novel, put it down, and chuckled.  I was like, 'Where's my Jackie Collins books?'. I went to see it with a few co-workers because the trailers looked good, and it was buzz-worthy.  Also, because I remember seeing a little girl named Dakota on the red carpet with her dad Don Johnson and mom Melanie Griffith at the premiere of Tin Cup back in 1998.

But Dakota is no little girl.  She's all grown up and positively charming as Anastasia Steele.  And after the controversy surrounding the casting of Grey (Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunan dropped out early on), there could have been no better choice than Jamie Dornan.  He is sexy and he is a star. The tension between Johnson and Dornan makes you feel like a voyeur on an unfolding romance.  And both characters are complex in a way that makes you sympathize with them.  That's a screenplay writer and director's mission in life.

I have to say, knowing what I did about the sadistic sex passages from friends who've read the novels, I thought they played out very tastefully in the hands of director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

And the cliffhanger? leaves you begging for more like many of the Steele/Grey love scenes.

The bottom line: RUN don't walk to you're nearest Regal Cinemas. But, don't take your husband/boyfriend to this movie with you.  He'll feel inferior.  This film might make you wish you were single again. I can't believe how much I adored it. Already can't wait for the sequel.

(Thanks to Regal Cinemas Hamilton Commons in Mays Landing for providing tonight's screening of Fifty Shades of Grey)