A car crash over the weekend in Absecon, Atlantic County left one person dead.

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The fatal accident reportedly occurred Sunday just after 3 a.m. along South Shore Road in Absecon, according to 6abc.com.

Police say the vehicle rolled multiple times before landing in the front yard of a home. An investigation into the crash reportedly showed enough evidence that speeding was likely a factor, and that the driver lost control of the car.

There has been no information shared as to whether the person who died as a result of the accident was behind the wheel of the vehicle, or if there were any other occupants. Police have not yet released the name of the victim.

It's such a cliché thing to say, and we don't know if there were other circumstances surrounding why the driver lost control of that car, but what authorities say is true, 'speed kills'. Please be safe out there on our New Jersey roadways.

SOURCES: 6abc.com

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