The family of Justin Dill, a 19-year-old Middletown, New Jersey resident who died tragically while working at Six Flags Great Adventure, will receive a settlement from the amusement park.

Dill was killed while on the job at Six Flags on September 1, 2017. He was reportedly putting up lights at the park when he was struck and run over by an assisting piece of equipment being driven by a fellow employee, reports.

Dill died from his injuries just one day later.

There are no reports of any consequences faced by the co-worker following the tragic accident.

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In a lawsuit, The Dill Family accused Great Adventure of not properly training its employees to use the machinery that killed Justin.

Late July 2021, Six Flags agreed to award The Dills $1.7 million in damages in what could be viewed as an admission of negligence.

Great Adventure is no stranger to mishaps at the park. Just this August, a woman reportedly climbed the fence of an off-limits part of the amusement park onto a roof which she then slipped off resulting in a leg injury.

Justin Dill was a 2016 graduate of Middletown High School North. He moved on to complete an electrical program at Monmouth County Vocational School not long before his death.

It was a horrific turn of events for the Middletown community, with Dill's former high school principal Patricia Vari-Cartier saying, "Justin possessed a good sense of humor and was always polite and respectful. He particularly enjoyed his culinary arts class and was very creative in the kitchen. He was very serious about his studies in the vocational program for electricity."

Our thoughts remain with The Dills during this continued difficult time.

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