We can't tell you everything just yet, but we CAN give you the green light to start imagining how you'd spend and extra five grand if you had it. Let us provide some inspiration.

$5,000 in the bank could really help you embrace fall in South Jersey and in the surrounding areas. Here's what it could buy you.

Oh, and more details on how you can win cash on SoJO is coming soon!


  • Engineer824/thinkstock

    Take 5 Friends Through This Local Corn Maze 138 Times

    Yep, you could spend your $5,000 buying tickets to take yourself and five of your friends through the corn maze at R&J Farms in Egg Harbor City more than enough times to memorize the way out. And in. And out again. And in...you get the point.

  • Christine Keene/thinkstock

    Pick Roughly 2,500 Lbs. of Fresh Apples

    Obviously, the price of apples per pound fluctuates depending on their size, but this rough estimation could have you sharing apples with your entire neighborhood all season long. Try Eastmont Orchards in Colts Neck.

  • Massonstock/thinkstock

    Buy Nearly 1,000 Pumpkin Spice Lattes

    $5,000 would give you enough to buy a round for everyone in the coffee shop now through the end of pumpkin spice season.

  • RossHelen/thinkstock

    Rent a Cabin in the Mountains 10 Times

    It takes you out of state, but if you hit our $5,000 jackpot you could take 10 of your friends to stay in this AirBnB in the Pocono Mountains for approximately 10 4-day retreats.

  • IvanMikhaylov/thinkstock

    Go on 62 Haunted Hayrides

    $5,000 would get you and three friends through Cornfield of Terror at R & J Farms in Egg Harbor City around five dozen times, if you can last that long.

  • Elsa/Getty Images

    Get 4 Seats on the 50-Yard Line for Eagles vs. Cowboys