An overwhelming amount of evidence is being shown that 15-yr old Justin Robertson and 17-yr-old Dante Robertson are strong suspects in the murder of Autumn Pusquale.  However, it was the suspect's mother that discovered the first piece of evidence.... 


She found Facebook updates from her sons, as well as messages that looked suspicious.

According to NBC-10:

Might be moving :(

never call a girl fat..


The search for Autumn intensified on Sunday. At 5:41 p.m. the victim's brother put up this post on his Facebook page:

The police finally got hounds out here to search for my sister. News crews and whole bunch of other media to help find my sister

Justin Robinson commented on that post 18 minutes later:

Suspect: dog hounds

Brother: yep

Suspect: thts good


Once the Mother of the two teens read these messages, she became suspicious and immediately called police.  While it may be a very devastating action to turn in both of your children to the police in suspicion of a murder, the mother claimed that "her heart goes out to the family and friends of Autumn, more than her boys in jail."


Ironically, some of the kids in the neighborhood even noticed that both boys liked a "Find Autumn" page on facebook.


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