I've dabbled in selling some unwanted things on Facebook Marketplace recently with the thought that even though I may not want the items anymore, someone else may.

What's the saying? "One person's trash is another person's treasure." The stuff I was selling and giving away on free sites was certainly not trash, but, I'm just done with it. Have you every been done with your stuff? I'm sure you get it.

My experience so far has been both great and frustrating.

Let me explain.

I think there are some unwritten rules that everyone buying or claiming stuff needs to follow. See if you agree with me.

If you're "Interested" be "Interested."

When I post an item and someone comments, "Interested" I feel you should immediately be DMing to arrange pickup. That way I know what to tell the other commenters below you. Make sense?

If you comment "Interested" and then I have to DM you hours later, that's not cool. It needs to be a quicker transaction. If you truly are "interested" I will mark it pending and won't get a lot of other comments. See what I mean?

If you're "Interested" have a way to pick it up.

Recently, I had someone say they were interested in a more popular item that I posted. There were many people interested, so the comments were pouring in. When the person DM'ed me, I was told they had no way in coming to pick it up and asked if I could I deliver, even though the post read, "porch pick up only." I wasn't even near the area where they asked me to deliver. Ugh.

Pick up the item promptly.

If you've claimed an item and have been told that it's yours, please arrange for pickup quickly. I would say within a day or two, max. If someone is selling or giving away an item, they want it gone fast, trust me.

Message the seller once you've picked it up.

I've had many courteous buyers/claimers who have messaged me once they've picked up the item from my porch telling me they have it in their possession. I love that. It's piece of mind for a seller.

What do you think? None of these "rules" are too much to ask, are they?

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