Three more contestants are moving on to the finale of Hamilton Mall's Got Talent! after another amazing night of performances!

Just like that Week 3 of Hamilton Malls Got Talent! is in the books and what a night of performances! JV Joe sat in the judge's seat this week and got a front-row view of all the stars on the stage.

There were a wide variety of acts, everything from a young man performing a Sponge Bob: The Musical song in a way that would make the sponge himself proud, to gymnasts and hip-hop dancers owning the dance floor, and to even a rock band blowing our minds, and speakers!

The winner of the night and moving on to the finals is Richard Ennis, aka Trippy Trip, a rapper who dropped some really awesome bars and catchy lyrics with his original song 'Roll With Me.'

View a gallery of photos below!

You can become a contestant in a future week of Hamilton Mall's Got Talent! for a chance to win your share of $5,000! Click the link below!

Additional thanks to our friends at Center Stage Entertainment!

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