It's hard to believe it's been three years since singer/songwriter Lizz Sooy won the first ever 'Hamilton Mall's Got Talent!' competition.

I remember what it was like watching Lizz perform for the first time, and watching her work her way up to champion, wowing the audience and the judges with her original music all the way. She had the sound and look of a star. And she poured her heart out every time.


Here's what the Cumberland County native is up to now.

SoJO 104.9: How did it feel to be named the first ever champ of HMGT?

Lizz Sooy: It feels like a great honor to be the first HMGT champ. It was really awesome to be able to compete and win with original music.

SoJO: What opportunities did the competition lead to?

LS: Winning the competition allowed my name and face to get out there as well as some performance opportunities. It was fun to have my friends tell me that they saw my picture on   an advertisement or heard my name on the radio.

SoJO: What do you like best about performing for a live audience?

LS: Performing for a live audience is such a unique thing to do. I love being able to work off the energy they give me and tell a story to them. Everybody reacts differently so it is really fun to engage with them and see what they do.

SoJO: Can you give us an update on your career in music now?

LS: Since 'Hamilton’s Got Talent!' I have dropped a few singles, a music video for 'Same Frame', and another album Tryst.

If you'd like to be a contestant during Season 4 of 'Hamilton Mall's Got Talent!' at Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing, register here!

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