And the best part?  The paparazzo that snapped this picture chose to nab the photo instead of helping this fashion icon to her feet.  But no matter, there she is...a twisted heap on the city streets of the big apple in her designer stilettos.  Can you guess which star this is?


Humberto Carreno/Startracks
Humberto Carreno/Startracks






It's Nicole Kidman!  The poor gal was just trying to celebrate the Calvin Klein Spring 2014 runway show when a bicyclist took her to the ground just outside the Carlysle Hotel in New York City.

Kidman tells the Associated Press: "I'm up, I'm walking around, but I was shaken."

The NYPD says a 19-year-old bicyclist was issued three summonses for riding a bike on the sidewalk, riding a bike with no helmet and reckless endangerment, according to



The jerky photog who opted to keep snapping rather than help a lady up was identified as Carl Wu.

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