This video is a long time coming. I started filming this at the end of January and it has been sitting on my computer for a few months now. So without further ado, here is what Jessie James Decker eats on a daily basis.

Jessie James Decker is known for having a killer bod, which of course takes a lot of work to get. You may have seen her in a few South Beach Diet commercials, but when I decided to eat like the country singer turned reality star I wanted to base it on food that didn't come with a mapped out plan. Using her book Just Jessie: My Guide to Love, Life, Family, and Food and many internet searches, I created a plan to eat just like Jessie.


Jessie usually begins the day with one of three things: whole wheat toast with grass fed organic butter, a smoothie, or a breakfast burrito with eggs and turkey bacon. I chose to switch between the toast and the smoothie. Her smoothies are delicious. To make the breakfast smoothie I used a cup of almond milk, a tablespoon of almond butter, half of a banana, ice, and a dash of cinnamon. I highly recommend a dash of cinnamon in every smoothie you make.


Honestly, I usually just ate left overs.


I followed a bunch of different recipes from Just Jessie: My Guide to Love, Life, Family, and Food. The recipes in her book are so good!


I got to eat a chocolate chip cookie everyday, I used Jessie's recipe. They were delicious. I also made a salad with strawberries, feta, and honey. It may sound weird, but it was amazingly good.

Overall, her diet was pretty easy to follow. I didn't find a problem with eating around 1,000 calories a day. I know it's not recommended to eat that little, but for video purposes I did it. Having a cookie to look forward to every night was a perk.

Watch my week here:


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