The temporary closing of a Dunkin' store in Blackwood, Camden County sparked conversation online. But there's a very good reason why you can't go there right now.

There seemed to be a level of concern among the chatter on the Gloucester Twp Talk Facebook page that the Dunkin' on College Drive had been closed for the same reason a nearby Starbucks was: Hepatitis A.

But that is so NOT the case. Reportedly, this Dunkin' location has shut it doors to prepare for a makeover!

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It's not just getting a paint job or something simple. The whole place is apparently getting gutted and renovated. Several residents spotted dumpsters and constructions vehicles already on site.

Gloucester Twp Talk/Facebook
Gloucester Twp Talk/Facebook

The remodel will likely bring the College Drive Dunkin' up to speed with the sleeker, more minimalist and modern design we've been seeing at other area locations that have already gone through the process.

The store is rumored to be closed for about 2 more weeks, but it could be longer. We'll keep you posted! In the meantime, the Dunkin' on Blackwood-Clementon Road across from Favorites is open.

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