The re-branding of Dunkin' Donuts for 2018 continues. First came word that some stores would just be called Dunkin', followed by the announcement of 18 donuts being eliminated. Now the news of more items being zapped from the DD menu, including my beloved go to breakfast sandwich.

According to the Boston Herald, the following items will soon disappear from all Dunkin' menus: smoothies, all afternoon sandwiches, steak and egg breakfast sandwiches, flatbread items, and caramel and mocha flavor coffee shots.

As a DD regular, the one item being dropped that really disappoints me is the veggie egg white flatbread sandwich, which has become part of my summer routine. Every weekend, my wife and I would stop at DD first thing, to grab a coffee and a veggie egg white and it was the perfect breakfast for us. There's nothing like having your morning cup of coffee with the ocean in the background.

I may try to buy as many flatbreads as I can and freeze them for the summer. I mean, I'm not sure how they'll taste after being frozen for so long, but it's worth a shot, right?

Are there any items being dropped that disappoint you?


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