A routine traffic stop turned violent in Gloucester Twp. over the weekend when the driver being pulled over hit a police officer with his car.

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The incident happened early Saturday morning on Williamstown Rd. in Sicklerville, according to Patch.com.

The driver, 20-year-old Oliver Lee, of Philadelphia, was suspected of being in possession of drugs at the time he was pulled over by Gloucester Twp. Police.

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Officers asked Lee to step out of his vehicle, but he would not comply, instead hitting the gas and attempting to drive away. In the process of his attempt to flee the scene, Lee reportedly struck an GTPD officer with his car door and ran over that officer's foot.

Lee managed to travel about three miles, but his vehicle broke down, according to Patch.com, and police were able to apprehend him. He now faces multiple charges, including eluding police, assault by auto, weapons possession, and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Oliver should have just listened to the police. Now, he's probably sitting in a jail cell kicking himself for acting like such an idiot, since he's likely to get much more punishment than he would have initially had to deal with.

The GTPD didn't release the identity of the officer injured in the Oliver Lee traffic stop, but we hope he or she is doing okay, and wish them a speedy recovery.

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