I can't imagine that this questions needs much thought. The short answer to the question is clearly a resounding YES! How great would that be? This isn't just a pipe dream, a bacon vending machine really does exist in the world. What a time to be alive right? The students at the Ohio State University are a lucky bunch of kids.

Whoever thought of this deserves a raise. Whoever thought of the bacon vending machine deserves a Nobel Prize. I don't think that I am bloviating here. This is amazing. The best part of the vending machine? It's super cheap! 12 strips of bacon or a pouch of bacon bits cost only a dollar. This is for broke college kids after all.

According to Delish.com, "Proceeds will benefit the school’s meat science department, and students of the program are responsible for the meat machine’s maintenance." Did you know that the state of Ohio has a pork council? Well they do and are responsible for this piece of modern ingenuity.

President-Elect Dave Shoup, Ohio Pork Council told Delish, "The Bacon Vending Machine is a unique and fun way for the Ohio Pork Council to support Ohio State students and promote the pork industry at the same time."

Students of the Ohio State University need to stock up on the bacon since the vending machine will be around only until December 13th. Road trip anyone?

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