You mean there are DIAMONDS on the beach in Cape May?!? Yep, and Sunset Beach is the only place in South Jersey you can find them!

First let us clarify. Cape May Diamonds are the unique "diamonds" that are found all over Sunset Beach in Cape May.

These translucent pebbles and small rocks are actually pieces of quartz that have washed down the Delaware River from up around the Delaware Water Gap, tumbled and worn in the surf of the bay, and then washed up on the beach around Cape May Point.


The native people who populated the area before the Europeans came, used these "diamonds" for adornment and for trading. They also considered the stones as good luck charms. Once the Europeans came to what is now Southern New Jersey, they were equally as fascinated with what they found - what we now call the Cape May Diamond.

This video posted on YouTube and produced by TheViewFromThebeach


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