The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the closure of another South Jersey small business. This time, its the legendary Deptford Skating & Fun Center.

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I say 'legendary' because the place has been around since the early 1970's. My mom skated there, I skated there as a kid, my friend's kids skated there. Deptford Skating Center has been generational.

However, like so many other local businesses, it's been hit hard financially amid the ongoing pandemic, and hasn't brought in enough revenue to continue operating, which is so sad.

Recently, Deptford Skating Center, on Deptford Ave. in Westville, tried to stay afloat by offering kids a place to do their virtual learning through their Monitored Learning program, according to

In a statement to, Deptford Skating & Fun Center writes, "The pandemic has hit us very hard and we are unable to continue our operations.  We tried to stay open as long as we could to assist during these difficult times, but that is no longer a possibility."

While the rink will close to skaters on January 23rd, the Monitored Learning program will continue through Friday, January 29th.

The Deptford Skating Center will close January 23rd, citing revenue impacts from the pandemic. Their Monitored Learning...

Posted by 42 Freeway on Sunday, January 17, 2021

It's going to be such a bummer for me and everyone who loved Deptford Skating Center to see it go, because our memories go with it. Saving my best outfit for a Friday night skating date with friends when I was a 1980's middle-schooler, skating and singing to my favorite songs, learning to slow dance on roller skates, and skate backwards. I had a lot of fun there. It might have even been one of the first places I ever played laser tag.

FYI, there is some good news. The owners of Deptford Skating Center also operate Hammonton Skating Center, which is still open.

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