A reminder this week that early detection saves lives.

CancerScreenWeek.org calls Cancer Screen Week, this first week of December, 'a public health initiative to increase awareness around the benefits of early detection of cancer.' And, also, spread the word about prevention, and encourage those around them to get screened.

Screenings increases the chances of detection certain cancers early, when they're most in their most treatable stage.

Nurse Assisting Patient Undergoing Mammogram

Ladies, maybe you've been putting off your yearly mammogram or pap smear. Maybe you're a smoker over the age of 50 that has yet to be screened for lung cancer. You could be at an age where a colonoscopy to screen for colon cancer may be in order. Men, it might be time for a prostate exam. Or, maybe you've never been to a dermatologist to have determine your risk for skin cancer.

Cancer Screen Week is a great time to make an appointment before the year is out, so you enter 2019 with piece of mind or answers to questions you may have about your health.

The team at Virtua Health System in South Jersey offers information and resources regarding all your cancer screening concerns. At Virtua.org, you can find out about cancer genetic testing if there is a family history, counseling, as well as a wide range of health and wellness services.


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