The most adorable new addition to Camden, New Jersey's Adventure Aquarium's blue penguin colony has just been born!

I'm in love at first sight and all of a sudden blue is my new favorite color, lol.

Take a look at this baby boy blue penguin!

He reportedly hatched on February 15th weighing just 37 grams and was born to blue penguin parents Spud and Sheila, who are caring for him and helping him adjust to his surroundings, reports.

At barely two weeks old, he's still got penguin skin and is all peach, or should I say blue, fuzz.; Adventure Aquarium; Adventure Aquarium

Early next month, this new penguin hatchling will be taken out of the Adventure Aquarium Blue Penguin exhibit to spend time with biologists behind the scenes where he'll learn how to take food from them, and be safeguarded while he grows the more mature feathers he needs to help him swim.

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Blue penguins, by the way, are native to New Zealand and Australia.

I can't wait to see what name he's given! Maybe something that starts with a 'S' like his mom and dad? How about Sebastian or Simon? And I can't wait to see this new addition for myself.

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