Ready to melt from cuteness? Two brand new bear cubs were just born at Philadelphia Zoo!

Look at these BABIES! I know they're technically cubs, but come on, THESE BABIES!

The two new additions to the zoo, born on January 2nd, are Sloth Bear cubs, and recently just opened their eyes for the first time.

Zookeepers are allowing mom Kayla and dad Bhalu time to bond with their new offspring, so they don't yet know the sex of the cubs, but they're being constantly monitored on cub cam. In time, though, all will be revealed, names will be chosen, and eventually we'll get to see them in person.

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While these cubs are adorable to look at, their births are of great importance, according to the Philadelphia ZooSloth Bears, native to the Indian subcontinent and ancestors of the Brown Bear, are reportedly listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature with humans encroaching on their natural habitat.

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