If you think you can get away with using a hand-held cell phone while driving, and at the very worse get a warning, you might need to think again.


New Jersey lawmakers are at the edge of really cracking down on residents of the Garden State using their hand held devices while driving.  They have issued warnings and tickets. Fines have been issued, and some people just write a check because they can afford it.


The next possible step? Put points on your drivers license.


Assemblyman Reed Gusciora says, "“Points have greater implications on one’s license and insurance that can deter all people from violating the law."  He also added, "this bill will compel drivers to be more responsible when they get behind the wheel… It’s all about the safety of our drivers and our roads. Don’t text and drive!


If the bill is passed, you will not only be issued a $200 fine, but also have two points imposed on your drivers license.



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