Cape Regional Medical Center recently received a donation of iPads from a man grieving over the loss of his own father.

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When John Lynch, who had to say 'goodbye' to his dying father over FaceTime on April 13, found out that nurses at Cape Regional Medical Center have been using their personal devices to keep quarantined patients connected with their friends and family, he decided to help by providing them with a few new iPads.

Lynch couldn't visit with his 92-year-old dad because of coronavirus precautions. While his father passed away from natural causes, and not COVID-19, Lynch wants to make sure as many patients as possible have the ability to stay connected to family and friends in their time of need through his initiative, Operation Connection: The iPad Project.

I can't imagine how heartbreaking that must have been for John, and for anyone who's had to watch a sick or dying loved one suffer from afar, unable to touch or provide any physical comfort. It brings me to tears anytime I think about it.

After his heartbreaking experience with his own father. John came to the realization that video technology is more vital than ever, according to On a GoFundMe page for the project, Lynch states, "While this [quarantine] is a necessary step to stop the spread of the virus, the reality of it all is pretty simple, people are suffering and dying alone." He goes on to say, "We have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of loved ones quarantine as they fight the COVID-19 virus and other illnesses!"

Cape Regional was among the first medical center to benefit from Lynch's generosity. He has since reportedly donated has since supplied dozens more iPads to hospitals and senior centers around New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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