After a wicked flu season in Australia, you don't want to put off getting a flu shot any longer. Midday host Heather DeLuca gets hers while a local doctor debunks some flu shot myths.


AtlantiCare's Dr. Mary Ann Yehl (left) talks to SoJO about the benefits of getting a flu shot as tech Alex looks on./TSM

A team from AtlantiCare, lead by Dr. Mary Ann Yehl, popped by to administer Heather's vaccination and stayed to answer some questions. (i.e. 'Can I get the flu from the flu shot?', 'Does it actually prevent the flu?), which you can listen to below. Dr. Yehl cleared up the misconceptions and gave some great advice for keeping yourself and your family healthy this fall.


Thanks to AtlaniCare's Dr. Yehl, Laurie Temple, and Alex for making sure the SoJO team is protected! AtlantiCare has many locations convenient to you in South Jersey where you can receive your flu shot.

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