Get ready to throw it waaaaaaay back.

If someone asked you for one must-do activity when visiting the Jersey shore, could you even make a list without mentioning an excursion to the boardwalk? Probably not. In fact, it'd probably be one of the first recommendations you make, right? After all, you can't do a beach day without finishing it with a walk on the boards. I mean, did you even go to the beach if you don't at least grab some fudge or ice cream on the boardwalk?

Way before there were Dippin' Dots and Kohr Brothers on the Ocean City boards, there were once people who wouldn't set foot onto the almost 3-mile strip without being dressed to the nines. It's hard to imagine a boardwalk with people dressed in their Sunday best, hats and all,  but that was life on the boards 80 years ago. The footage below shows how different the shore experience was back in the day.

Can you imagine strolling the Ocean City boardwalk in those clothes in heat like we've had this week? Unreal.

Youtube's the best, isn't it? Love when I find hidden gems like this.

Source: Youtube

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