Happy National Taco Day AND National Poem Day!

I call this 2 birds, one stone.

Everyone loves tacos, they are just the best kind of food out there. You can have them many different ways too. Bowl, soft-shelled, burrito? Don't matter, they are still delicious.

To show my love for this amazing food I took pen to paper and professed my love for this delectable food in the form of a poem. I hope you enjoy and treat yourself today to a fabulous taco!

Hardshell and softshell tacos
Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock


'Doesn’t matter the day,

Whether it’s Tuesday or today,

Go out and live your best life,

Eat a Taco without any strife!


Beef, tomato, and cheese,

Three ingredients that would even please a Maltese!

Hard or soft-shelled, you can’t go wrong,

You shouldn’t have to wait all day long.


Breakfast, lunch, or dinner,

Any meal would be considered a winner.

So grab a friend, go to town,

Eat, then go lie down.


You will need your rest,

Saving the best for last,

Choco-tacos for dessert,

Make sure to unbutton your shirt!'


Happy eating.

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