New data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that New Jersey people are among the most sleep deprived within the United States.

Ever heard that we need at least eight hours of sleep each night? Well it seems that New Jersey and the rest of Americans aren't taking this tip.

According to new data by the CDC, the state ranks at 37 as the most sleep deprived. We don't need data either to figure out why exactly this is happening. We're busy getting caught up with daily obligations. Life just gets in the way.

But sleep is needed in order for us to function properly. I know when I get no sleep, it doesn't matter how much coffee I drink that day - I can become a little grouchy. Also, sleep has been linked to affect mood, memory, and your immunity.

Even if you think you can function with little to no sleep, just realize it can get to you.

Here are some tips for you guys that I snagged from Sleep Foundation:

  • Have a sleeping ritual! Get rid of any excess stress from the day. Have some wine and unwind! (Kidding, but still unwind!)
  • Power naps can do wonders. Mike tells me all the time he takes 27 minute power naps just to get some energy
  • EXERCISE! See, I exercise all the time before bed and for me it wipes me out enough that I knock right out!
  • Declutter your room. I've gotten into this recent habit and I must admit, I sleep like a baby.
  • Make your bed as comfy as possible! Which I know can be a struggle because then you'll never want to leave...

Catch some zzz's tonight New Jersey!


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